Frequently Asked Questions

I Received a Violation on My Bicycle or Walking - Now What?

We understand most people are unfamiliar with the court system and understand receiving a bicycle traffic violation is stressful. Our goal is to relieve the stress and help you keep your driving record clean by making the process EASY.

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How Often Do You Hold Classes?

We have classes at throughout the month for your convenience. You can visit our Classes page to see the next class to register for.

What Offices Are Participating?

Currently the following Prosecutor's offices:

City of Tucson citations: Tucson City Court 103 E. Alameda, Suite 501. Call (520) 791-4216 if you have questions or concerns.

U of A or Pima County citations: Bring proof of completion to Pima County Consolidated Justice Court, 115 N. Church Ave, 2nd floor prior to your next scheduled court date. For any questions or concerns call (520) 724-3171.

Green Valley Justice Court citations: Bring or fax proof of completion to the Green Valley Justice Court on or before the scheduled court date. For any questions or concerns call (520) 648-0658. Court fax number is (520) 648-2235 (Effective 05/23/2014)

Marana citations: Bring proof of completion to the Marana Municipal Court on or before the scheduled court date. Any questions or concerns call (520) 382-2612.

U.S. Attorney’s Office and National Park Services: Fax proof of completion to District Ranger Robert E. Stinson at (520) 733-5192

How Often Can I Take the Class?

A bicyclist or Pedestrian who has had his or her citation dismissed through this program is not eligible for another dismissal for one year.

How Can I Tell What Class I Signed Up For?

If you registered with the website, you can always log into your account and view the class you are currently signed up for. If you do not know your password or username, you can click on the "forgot password" link to retrieve it.

Also, be aware that upon registering for a class, you will have received an email confirming your registration. Check your spam or junk folder in the event this confirmation email ended up here.

I Missed My Class - What Do I Do?

If you missed your class and were unable to complete it, simply call our office at (520) 207-3200 to enroll in another class.