About Us

"EZ AZ is partnering with Pima Association of Government's Regional Safety Program, local jurisdictions, and courts to offer these classes."

The EZ AZ Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Diversion Course is simple and easy! No Test. It's simple to register yourself online or you can call us at 520-207-3200 and we will help you sign up and register for the class nearest to you. If you wish to register online to sign up at your convenience, it has never been easier. Simply create an account, input the necessary information based on your citation and choose from a list of classes based on their location, time and date. You'll receive an email confirmation and you can be on your way!

We understand most people are unfamiliar with the court system and understand receiving a bicycle or Pedestrian traffic violation is stressful. Our goal is to relieve the stress and help you keep your record clean by making the process EASY.

EZ AZ is involved with the Arizona community by participating in many community events including bicycling.

You are welcome to call our corporate office at 520-207-3200 if you have any questions.

Thank you for selecting EZ AZ!